Air Ground Datalink FABEC


On 8 March 2011, DSNA, Belgocontrol, LVNL, Skyguide and ANA signed a framework contract with SITA for the deployment of a VDL2 / ATN infrastructure. This is a significant step to provide by February 2013 a VDL2 communication channel and an ATN routing to all aircraft in their upper airspace meeting the requirements defined by the European Commission. In addition, this framework contract, concluded for a period of ten years, establishes a partnership which will last well beyond February 2013. Moreover, as DFS has already a partnership, and as Maastricht UAC is already conducting data link operations, this framework contract unite sall of FABEC working together with SITA.

The framework contract is based both on a common FABEC technical specification for the VDL2 / ATN infrastructure to be deployed as well as on the respective EC regulation. FABEC also defined the future roles of the air navigation service providers as well as of the air communication service providers. ANSPs will purchase VDL2 and optionally POA ground stations, ATN routers, as well as monitoring and control systems. The ANSP will maintain the equipment and make sure the network meets the performance requirements imposed by the European Implementing Rules for Data Link Services for ATC data link communications. Also ANSPs controlling the lower airspace signed the framework contract. Indeed, airport applications (D-ATIS, DCL) are also provided over the same equipment.

As regards AOC communications, ANSP VDL2 and POA ground stations will be seen by the airlines as part of the SITA network. The airspace of the six States of Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Switzerland is one of the busiest and most complex in the world. Most of the major European airports and major civil airways and military training areas are located in this area. FABEC airspace has the dimensions of 1.7 million km², about 5.5 million flights per year – 55 percent of all European air traffic. 17,700 people work for air navigation service providers of FABEC.

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