EU grants €13.8 million to FABEC

The European Commission has selected FAB Europe Central (FABEC) with an overall amount of €13.8 million for funding. Matthew Baldwin, EC Director for Air Transport, underlined the importance of integrated and environmentally friendly air navigation services in the core of Europe at the hand-over ceremony for the official logo symbolising the EC cofinancing. Daniel Weder, Chairman FABEC Air Navigation Strategic Board, welcomed warmly on behalf of his colleagues the substantial support which is planned and will help to fulfil the ambitious goals set by the European Commission.

The policy objective of the European Union to create a single European sky is supported by funding through the TEN-T. In achieving better performance of service provision in Europe, an important tool will be the increased cooperation and integration of service provision through the building of functional airspace blocks (FABs). These blocks must be created by the end of 2012 at the latest and will provide a solid framework to meet new challenging binding performance targets.

Eleven concrete FABEC activities are concerned, covering a broad scope from projects to improve airspace design and airspace use to the set-up of enabling functions, such as the FABEC safety case, programme management as well as HR-related issues like training and a benchmarking study. The funding of FABEC is part of the multi-annual programme 2010: air traffic management systems - functional airspace blocks for which an individual funding decision should be adopted in the coming couple of weeks. For FABEC, Belgium is the contracting State.

The airspace of the six FABEC States of Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Switzerland is one of the busiest and most complex in the world. Most of the major European airports and major civil airways and military training areas are located in this area. FABEC airspace has the dimensions of 1.7 million km², about 5.5 million flights per year – 55 percent of all European air traffic. 17,700 people work for air navigation service providers of FABEC.

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