Marlou Banning new CFO of Air Traffic Control the Netherlands (LVNL)

As of 8 August 2016, Marlou Banning will be CFO of the Air Traffic Control the Netherlands (LNVL) State Secretary for Infrastructure and the Environment, Sharon Dijksma, appointed Banning on the nomination of the LVNL Supervisory Board. Marlou Banning and CEO Michiel van Dorst will form the LVNL Executive Committee.

Marlou Banning (1962) has been with De Nederlandsche Bank for over 25 years, currently as director of the Finance, Security and Service division. She has also been director of the Finance and ICT division, the Operations division and the Personnel and Organisation department. Moreover, Banning is chairman of the Supervisory Board of Havengebouw NV Amsterdam and in the past has served on the boards of various civil-society organisations. Banning studied Organisational Psychology and Law.

Gerlach Cerfontaine, chairman of the Supervisory Board of LVNL, ventured the following regarding the nomination: “Marlou Banning is a professional with ample experience in operations, finance, IT and HR. She has the knowledge and experience, but also the leadership qualities, to lead LNVL as CFO.”

Marlou Banning has been appointed as CFO for a term of five years. This is the standard term of office for appointments to the LVNL Executive Committee and can be extended for five more years. Marlou Banning succeeds Jos van Rooijen who is leaving at his own request on 1 September 2016.