Press Release - FABEC Olympcs Cell start-up at MUAC

With the London Olympic Games set to start on 27 July 2012, air traffic management players are gearing up to ensure the safe and expeditious flow of traffic across the network. During the Olympics, air traffic in FABEC’s airspace is expected to go up by approximately 200 flights per day.

In addition to the extensive work done over the past months by EUROCONTROL’s Network Manager and the UK and Irish air navigation serviceproviders, the air navigation service providers adjacent to the UK airspace in Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Switzerland(FABEC) have set up a common FABEC Olympics Cell. It will complement theplanning process each day from 6:00 until 12:30 local time the day after to coverthe entire FABEC airspace, irrespective of country borders. Furthermore, tominimise the impact of military activity both civil and military organisations willform an integral part of the Cell.

The Cell will start operations on 24 July - one of the peak days before theopening of the Olympics - and finish on 13 August, one day after the closure.

Jac Jansen, MUAC Director
This large-scale operational solution based in one single location in the controlroom of the Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre (MUAC) reduces the numberof interfaces and so ensures optimum coordination with the airlines and themilitary airspace users. It adds a new dimension to what already exists today andis therefore a concrete example of the added value that synergies betweenFABEC civil and military organisations can bring to the network.
Jac Jansen, MUAC Director
Eric Bruneau, Director Operations of the French air navigation serviceprovider (DSNA)
Together, with our civil and military partners, we considered that airspace, airtraffic flow and capacity issues need to be managed at the scale of the FABEC airspace, and the Olympics Games give the right opportunity to bring the appropriated benefits for our customers in such particular traffic situation.
Eric Bruneau, Director Operations of the French air navigation serviceprovider (DSNA)